Payday Pixie Loans Made Simple

Understanding how payday pixie loans work

Here at Payday Pixie we want to make applying for a loan as easy as possible, we simply just don’t believe in over complicating things. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with your money, there is just too much month after your payday which is why you guys turn to people like us for some additional funds.

Pixie loans only take 5 minutes to apply for and come with 4 guarantees that will help put your mind at ease.

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Unexpected Bills

Unexpected bills have been a thing of the past, present and most definitely will be a part of your future. Our loans are a short term solution to help you maintain your standard of living and fight back against those unexpected bills. We are here to provide you with a fast and transparent payday loan service with no bumps along the way.

3 Month Flexi Loans

Our 90 day flexible loan terms are a first in the payday loans industry, in other words “borrow today, pay back in 3 months”. This also helps you guys to manage your personal cash flow by splitting the cost into 3 easy repayments rather than paying the full amount back at once.

Payday loans were once seen as a loan that had to be paid back on the exact date of your next payday or you could face the risk of being hit with a huge interest rate and late payment fee… NOT ANYMORE!

No Fees

We never have, never will and have never even though about charging you a fee for using our service. We understand that if you are applying for a payday loan, the chances are you are in of need some additional finances, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to charge you a fee and make life more difficult.

By simply applying for a Payday Pixie loan you will receive a free loan offer from us based on the information that you have submitted. If you do not wish to go ahead with our offer then just simply decline it, that’s it.. It’s that simple!

All credit histories welcome

We accept people with all types of credit history, from no credit history, to bad credit history. Although someone with a very good credit score may be favoured when it comes to interest and acceptance rates, bad credit loans can also provide a great alternative for individuals who have struggles to gain additional finances in the past.

Quick 15 Minute Cash Transfers

Once accepted, we aim to transfer funds to your designated bank account within 15 minutes of application. Many of our customers require fast access to finance which is why we pride our self on our incredibly fast cash transfers.

We’re Still Growing

We process thousands of loan applications every single week, a figure that we never imagined we could reach in such a short space of time. We have a very high approval rate with approximately 8 out of 10 applicants approved for a loan.

You can apply for Payday Pixie loans at any time of the day, from any device, 7 days a week… We don’t even close on Christmas day!

Is Pixie Loans a Direct Lender?

Payday pixie compare many different lenders and match customer with the lender that can best meet their financial needs. For example, if you are applying with one lender and one lender only you are relying solely on that direct lender giving you a decision. With pixie loans we show your application to a whole host of lenders, improving you chances of getting accepted!

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