Warning: Late repayment can cause serious money problems. For help, visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk
Warning: Late repayment can cause serious money problems. For help, visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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Representative Example: Loan Amount - £200 | Borrowed for 10 days | Interest: £9.89.
Total Repayment: £209.89 (Fixed) | Representative APR: 728.9%
Payday Pixie will never call you and will never charge you any fees. Never pay upfront fees for a loan or send money in return for a loan.

Payday Pixie does not provide any loan or consumer credit products directly, we are a licensed credit broker and not a lender.

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We are an online loan broker that provides a free, fast, and easy application form. You will need to complete our 5 minute application form.

Once this is completed you will be provided instant results from multiple lenders that are happy to lend you cash. Then you will sign the agreement of your choice before having cash quickly deposited in your bank account.

Quick Cash – 15 Minutes*

If you need quick cash, then our instant loans are the right choice for you. The online form takes 5 minutes to complete, the results are instant, and cash deposited every 15 minutes.

So if you’re in an emergency, or just don’t want the fuss of walking to your local branch – we can help. There’s no better way to guarantee the best interest rates instantly than our free to use application form.


Do all UK Direct Lenders provide 15 minute loans?

The majority of direct lenders provide 15 minute loans especially if you have a bank account that can accept faster payments. All direct lenders try to aim for your loan to be transferred in 15 minutes, although sometimes this is not always the case due to individuals that may need to go through further checks. If you are accepted for a loan and your bank also accepts faster payments there is no reason why your loan can not be transferred by the direct lender straight into your bank account within this time.

When you are applying for a loan online, most direct lenders will provide you with an instant decision. After you have submitted your online loan application a number a background checks will take place to assess your eligibility and affordability. These checks consist of employment and address checks as well as any potential marks against your credit file such as bankruptcy or insolvency. There are a number of instant loans direct lenders due to the incredibly quick online application form and automated checks that can give you a decision within minutes.

Although all direct lenders will provide an instant decision, not all lenders will welcome all credit histories. For example for individuals that have a bad credit history, some lenders may choose to reject your application because of the added risk that you posses. That doesn't mean to say that all lenders will reject your application based on your credit history, however some lenders may offer slightly increased interest rates and APR.

Many UK direct lenders provide loans with no guarantor needed, although this may affect the total amount that you can borrow.

How can i get my loan in 15 minutes?

In order to get your loan as quick as possible it is important that you answer all questions in our online questionnaire and provide us with an much information as possible. Our online application form only takes 5 minutes to complete. If you leave any questions unanswered, this will simply slow down the process. If you have fully completed our application form this will help to speed up the process. If your application is accepted, your direct lender will aim to have your loan transferred within 15 minutes. However this is still dependent on your bank accepting faster payments. Applying for loans without a credit check is also an extremely fast way to apply for a loan, however not many direct lenders actually offer them.

I need my loan fast, will this affect how much I can borrow?

No, the majority of online direct lenders will provide you with an instant decision regardless of the amount that you are applying for. If approved your loan will be transferred to your account within 15 minutes subject to your bank being able to process faster payments (which many of them can).

Do you offer instant loans for students?

Whilst instant loans are great for everyone, we have a lot of students that need quick cash. If your student finance has not entered your account but you need to pay rent – we can help. Student payday loans should only be used on a short term basis and not as a method to repay your student loan or tuition fees.

Simply fill out our online application form and you will be provided with fast results from lenders. Then you can choose which agreement is best for you. Once you’ve signed the cash will be in your account in less than 15 minutes.

Please note that the maximum loan we offer is £2000 over 90 days. If you’re looking to pay tuition fees then we recommend using Student Finance.

When will i receive my loan?

We will provide you with an instant loan decision, if successful our lenders will transfer the cash to you on the very same day, sometimes within 15 minutes. However this is all dependent on your bank accepting faster payments.

Representative Example and Repayment Terms

The APR and interest rates that you receive will depend from lender to lender. Every direct lender will have their own set of interest rates and repayment terms. It is important to always check your loan agreement for to be sure of what interest rates and APR you will be paying on your loan.

The typical interest rate on instant loans is 93.6% APR.

If you borrow £1,000 at this rate over one year, you would pay back £117.06 each month. The total cost of the loan would be £1,404.72, including interest.

Borrowing the same amount over five years would cost £58.76 per month, for a total of £3,525.60.

Remember, this is just an example. For a full breakdown of your own tailored loan agreement, use our online application form or speak to one of our friendly, helpful advisors. We are here to help you get the right personal loan for your needs, based on your own individual circumstances.

Do you offer instant loans for bad credit?

Yes, we accept all credit histories, whether you have very good credit or very bad credit. Although the interest rates and repayment terms may differ slightly on them, we should still be able to find a loan option to suit you. Needing an instant loan will not affect how much you can borrow as the majority of lenders will give anyone that applies for a loan an instant decision. Instant loans for bad credit can be applied for online at payday pixie.