How To Treat Yourself For Free (Or Low Cost)


How to treat yourself for free (or low cost)

Most people have busy lives these days and this is why it is vital to take time to refresh and pamper yourself. We all need time for ourselves, which doesn’t involve work or stress – just simply being alone and unwinding. If you don’t have much spare cash, you might think that you can’t afford to pamper yourself, but there are plenty of ways you can treat yourself for free or at a very low cost. These are some options you might want to try.


Read a book

No matter what is going on in your life, taking some time to relax and read a book is a great way to escape any of your stresses. It is proven that those who read frequently are less stressed, in general, than those who don’t do any reading. If you don’t have anything to read at home, pop into your local library and stock up or visit your local charity where you will pick books up at low cost. Get yourself a big bar of chocolate and you have an instant low cost way to treat yourself.


Spa treatment

Spa treatments can cost a fortune, but you can actually create these in your own home – without spending a dime. Make yourself a homemade face mask, run a bath filled with soapy bubbles, light some candles and you have your very own relaxing spa treatment. Finish off with some moisturiser and a heated dressing gown and you will feel like you have enjoyed a truly indulgent experience.



A great way to relieve stress; yoga is an exercise which you should aim to incorporate into your daily routine and best of all, it can be completely free. You don’t need to go to a class to enjoy all the benefits of yoga, you can watch videos for free on YouTube from the comfort of your own home.



There are lots of free meditation apps to download but ultimately, you don’t really need anything to practice meditation. Get yourself comfortable, breathe in, hold and relax and continue this for at least ten minutes. You will soon find that over the course of a few weeks that you will start to feel much more relaxed. This is the ultimate way to relieve stress after a busy day.


Movie night

Why not relax in the evening by getting cosy and watching a few movies. If you have a subscription already to Netflix or similar, you won’t need to spend anything for this kind of pampering or you may want to dig out some old DVD’s. A glass of wine or bar of chocolate might make this even more relaxing.


Go to the park

Take a break from the norm and organise a half day from your work to do – absolutely nothing! Yes, you can do this, it is allowed and it will feel even better, knowing that you could be sitting at your desk instead. Take a walk to your local park, sit on a bench and read or just watch the world go buy. The simple things can make us the happiest at times and seeing a bit of nature is a good way to do this.


Have a nap

Sometimes the most indulgent things are those which we don’t get to do very often and for most, this includes going for a guilt-free nap. Instead of worrying about that housework you should be doing or those dishes which are piling up, just nap – and enjoy. It costs nothing and can be highly enjoyable.


Window shopping

It may not be as fun as real shopping, but if you don’t have the cash to splurge, it can still be refreshing to take a look – and try on your favourite clothes. You can even compile a list of items you want to buy when you do have some spare cash, or get the assistant to put them away for you to pick up later. This can be just as satisfying and you can top off your day with a cupcake and a coffee.


Beauty day

Spend an entire day pampering yourself with beauty treatments and you will feel better than ever. Do your own nails, enjoy a face mask and give yourself a foot massage.