How To Travel The World And Still Make Money


How to travel the world and still make money

Travelling the world is a dream for most people, but unfortunately, cash flow can get in the way of turning it into a reality. It may seem like an impossibility, but if you have a real passion for travelling the world, you can still do this by making money as you travel. There are plenty of ways to earn money while you explore the world, so whatever you do – don’t let this put you off! These are some ways to travel the world and still make money.


Work remotely

The internet has opened up lots of new potential opportunities in the world of work, which makes it easier to do work on the go. Whatever skill you have, you can either do your work from a laptop – such as website design and creative writing or if you are handy at crafts, you can sell your designs on the internet. Working remotely is more common than ever before, so look into it as an option for bringing in some additional funds as you travel.


Flexible work

As you travel, you can always pick up some flexible temporary work to do wherever you are. Bar work is usually a bit easier to find than other jobs, but there are all sorts of options which might be useful. If you are willing to work unsociable shifts – you will probably find there are more opportunities available to you. These may not pay very well, but every bit helps!


Rent out your room or space

If you have your own home – another good option is to rent out your home, room or even just your garage or parking space to bring in some extra cash while you travel. This can be quite a good little earner, especially if you manage to let it out for your entire trip. Airbnb is a good website for advertising your room or home for rent and you can choose to let it for as little or as long as you like.


You have probably heard about blogging, but might not be sure how you can earn money from it. If you are travelling, blogging can be a great way to earn some cash, as you can set up your blog to talk about all your adventures. When you start building up interest, which is sure to happen when other travel enthusiasts start reading it; you can then start doing some affiliate marketing, advertising etc. This is an option which will take a while to get off the ground, but it can be a useful way to earn some extra money, while also recording all your adventures at the same time.


Write an EBook

Writing an eBook about your travels could end up being a nice earner for you. There is a huge demand for eBooks which provide useful information and the demand for travel eBooks is particularly extensive, as a growing number of people are becoming interested in travelling the globe. EBooks don’t need to take long to write up, you could easily lock yourself away in a coffee shop for a day and have all your material ready to go online.


Sell photos

While you are travelling, you are likely to have some of the most amazing photos, which people will be willing to buy; so make sure you get these online and make some cash in the process. There is a growing demand for good images for websites, brochures, blogs etc. – so this is worthwhile trying for extra money as you travel the globe.


Online courses

If you have a skill you can teach, you can make money by setting it up as an online course. These are also in high demand and you will make some cash every time someone signs up. There are lots of online course websites out there and this can be a quick, easy way to make some extra travelling funds.


Virtual assistants

Most business owners have tasks that they don’t want to do or simply don’t have the time for, which is why virtual assistants are becoming increasingly useful. Whether its managing diaries, replying to emails or doing some research, these are all tasks you can do while you travel and an easy way to make some money.