How To Get Fit On A Budget



How to get fit on a budget

You want to work out and get fit, but what if you don’t have the spare cash for a gym membership or to attend classes? This is an excuse many people make when try to find tactics to avoid exercise, but in fact, there are lots of ways to get fit, even if you don’t have much money to spare. These are some ideas for getting fit and into shape on a budget!


Go running

One of the best types of exercise for getting trim and fit is running and best of all – it is completely free of charge. As long as you have a decent pair of trainers, you are ready to get going and the beauty of this type of exercise is that you get some fresh air at the same time. This is something you won’t get if you’re in the gym working out. You can make your running more interesting by going to an area you have never been before or getting a buddy to go with you. There is also the option of joining a running club, where you can meet new people, as well as working out.



If you have a decent amount of space in your home and access to YouTube, you can create your very own exercise space, with no costs. There are loads of fitness videos on YouTube, including aerobics, yoga and Zumba – there really is something for everyone. Get your friends to join you and make it more fun!



This is one of the most beneficial kinds of exercise and you can do this anywhere – cost free. Set yourself a goal and track your steps on a free app. You can even challenge other people too! This will encourage you to get out at lunch time and find ways to walk, instead of taking the car or bus. Walking burns a lot of calories and can help keep you trim and toned.


Tennis courts

If you take a look around your local area, you will be likely to find parks which provide free tennis courts, where you can work out without any costs. Of course, you will need the equipment to play tennis in the first place, but you can usually pick these up at low costs or second hand.



The ultimate treasure hunt for adults and children – geocaching is free, outdoors and you get lots of exercise in the fresh air. With geocaching, you can walk for as little or as long as you want, and you use technology to find geocaches; which are literally everywhere! It is a great opportunity to see a bit more of the country (or the world) at the same time and you never know where you might end up!


Take photos

If you enjoy taking photos; this can be a great way to get exercise, without even thinking about it. As you walk around taking your photos, you’ll be having lots of fun and won’t even notice that you are getting loads of exercise at the same time!


Join a meet up

The website, is ideal for finding new activities to enjoy, meet new people and lots of these are cost free. There are lots of classes available, such as yoga and salsa at no cost – or only a small fee, so get signed up and you will soon find lots of ways to get some exercise and meet new people at the same time.



There are lots of activities you can do as part of fundraising events – and many which involve exercise. You will be doing your bit for the community, as well as getting exercise. An opportunity to feel good in more ways than one!



This one is not much fun I’m sure you’ll agree, but it is a great work out and you’ll feel so much better of your home is in good shape. If you do a full clear out and create a clutter free zone, you’ll feel more productive and you’ll feel the efforts of your hard work in your body. You never know, you might find some hidden gems as you do your housework, so you can make money – rather than spending it.