How Much Does Being On The Electoral Roll Affect Your Credit Score?

There are endless elements that might affect your credit score, depending on the creditor’s terms. Nonetheless, being on the electoral register is a way of boosting your loan limit. It is therefore essential to be well-informed on everything concerning the topic.

What is the electoral register?

It is a Commission that supervises elections in the UK. This ensures free, fair, and controlled elections. There is a register that has all individuals who are registered voters and can participate in a public poll. The body has registration officers whose main job is to keep and maintain the said register. Subsequently, it is also handy during criminal investigations. The details include;

  • People’s full names
  • Home and work address
  • Date and place of birth

The above are the factors that define your constituency and how the distribution of ballot cards are conducted. The Electoral Register is also used to determine the best people for jury duty and credit requests. An open register is edited and sold to business corporations and charitable institutions. It usually contains similar details as to those in the central register.

How to check if you are registered?

The first step to confirming if you are on the register roll is to contact the registration officer in your area. The Electoral Commission has a website that can help you trace your respective officer. Withholding your information from a registration officer is an offence punishable by law (a fine of up to a thousand euros).

Statistics show that approximately 7.5 million people who can vote in the UK do not have their details in the register. Thus, the National Voter Registration Drive occurs yearly to raise awareness and motivate people to vote and do it rightfully.

6 Ways you can benefit by getting on the electoral roll

After comprehending what the Electoral Register is, you should know why being on it is so important.

  • It acts as evidence to creditors that you are legitimate.
  • Security gives potential lenders the heart to trust and credit you.
  • Having the correct details on the register positively affects your credit score.
  • You can stand for office or be part of the community council.
  • Being on the register gets you better rates on debts and mortgages.
  • It is a reasonable risk alert and helps in case of a significant expensive life event.

4 Things to Know Before You Register To Vote

All citizens who have met the legal age can vote. One has to be a Commonwealth, British or Irish citizen, a UK resident for the past fifteen years, free from any form of subjection. Things to have in mind before registration are;

  • You only register as a voter once, and the process takes nearly five minutes.
  • All you require is your passport or National Insurance Number.
  • Being on the Electoral Register is a pass to vote at referendums and elections too.
  • Even though your information is on the register, you can register and vote anonymously.

The register is published annually with updates happening every month. You can decide to remove your details from the edited register during registration or upon approval.