How much are bills per month in the UK?

As an adult, you have responsibilities, most of which are bills that you have to pay. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still a student or an employed person, you have to pay the bills every month.

Types of Monthly bills

This means you have to know the types of bills which include:

Energy bill: this refers to the amount paid for electricity and fuel consumption.

Television license: this is the amount you pay for watching or recording TV programs. It also includes any programs you may download or watch on iPlayer.

Water and sewage bill: the bill you pay for water utilities.

Broadband bills: this is paid for internet usage.

Energy (gas and electric)

According to a study done by Ofgem, customers spend an average of £1,254 every year on fuel. However, the amount spent on energy is determined by how you use both fuel and electricity. In most cases, the size of the house determines the usage. For instance, those who live in 2 bedroom houses will spend less than those who live 7 bedroom houses. You can decide to pay the bills separately every month or weekly basis depending on what’s easier for you. The difference between the two isn’t much according to the standard energy tariffs.

 Average gas and electricity bills per month

The average monthly expenditure on gas for a 2 bedroom house is £33 while that of electricity is £34. For a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom house, the average bill for electricity is £49 while that of gas is £48 every month. If you’re living in a 5 bedroom house you should expect to pay £70 as a monthly electricity bill and £66 as a gas bill. 7 bedroom houses have an average of £100 for gas and £104 for electricity. If you opt to pay weekly then the average bill for 1 and 2 bedroom houses is £16.50 for both bills while 3 and 4 bedroom houses pay an average of £24.25 every week. 5 bedroom houses spend an average of £34.25 on both bills while 7 bedroom houses spend £49.50 on average every week. These ranges are according to standard Variable Tariffs but other suppliers will charge less. The bills can also be determined by the number of people using fuel and electricity.

Average water bill a month

You can always choose to pay the water bill on a monthly, weekly or annual basis just like the energy bills. Water is measured in one of two ways namely metered and the unmetered. In most cases, metered bills tend to be lower than unmetered bills. This is mostly attributed to the fact that the unmetered water bill is determined by the value of your property. The local authority assesses the property and makes a judgement. The water and sewage bills differ in every location. Those in the southwestern part of the UK will pay £14 less while those in the north western part will pay £18 more on average.

The estimated average water bill in the UK, in general, is £415 yearly and £34.58 monthly. For students, the more you share the bill the lesser it will be. For instance, those living in 1 bedroom houses pay an average of £385 annually while those who live in 17 bedroom house pay £55 yearly.