Cut the cost of your weekly food bill

Save money on your weekly food bill

Have you ever gone into a supermarket for a few daily essentials and ended up coming out with a load of things that you had absolutely no intention of buying?… We’ve all been there. Supermarkets are experts at up selling, they somehow get right into our mind and subconscious without us even knowing. From their cleverly placed products specifically located at eye level to the very appealing sweets section located right next to the check out tills in a bid to just squeeze that extra bit of cash out of us.

2015 sparked a huge price war among the big UK supermarkets with the huge growth of cut price stores such as Lidl and Aldi, a price war that promises to carry on for the next few years as the likes of Tesco and Sainsburys battle back in a bid to compete with the low discount prices now on offer. With more than 1 third of Brits now using alternative methods to carry out their weekly shop such as credit cards and payday loans it’s no surprise as to why popularity with stores such as Lidl and Aldi continues to grow such a rapid rate.

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Here are our tips to save money on your weekly food bill

Price Match Guarantees

Nearly every single retailer has an online price comparison feature but what’s even better is they also offer a price match guarantee. In a bid to prevent their customers disappearing to a competitor, many supermarkets now offer a price match guarantee which basically means if you find a product cheaper at another store they will match the price.

We’ve all been there, when you purchase something and then see the exact same product available at another store for a cut price. Do your homework, compare product prices and take advantage of the price match guarantees and you will see a saving straight away!

Own Brands

Many supermarkets will produce their own brands at a hugely discounted rate. Switch to using own branded products and you will automatically see a cash saving of more than 30%. Supermarkets will usually display the more expensive products at eye level, that way it’s the first product you will see, however they always display their own branded products within close proximity… So keep an eye open!

Always use discount coupons and vouchers

Discount vouchers and coupons aren’t hard to find, you can pick up any newspaper and see a cut out offering you some sort of deal or money off a certain product…. Use them!… Many people turn a blind eye to them “it’s more hassle than its worth” but these things really add up, even if you reduce your weekly shopping bill by 50% once a month, its still a huge saving when added up throughout the year!

By following our 3 steps you will instantly see a cash saving on your monthly food bill. With millions of Brits having previously turned to alternative methods of funding in order to complete their weekly shops, the savings made can be spent elsewhere such as paying of credit cards of payday loans that have previously been taken out.


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