How To Cope With School Holidays – On A Budget

How to cope with school holidays – on a budget


If you have children, you probably feel that they are never at school and you are constantly trying to find different ways to keep them entertained. As one holiday season closes, another opens and it is soon time to crack open those Easter eggs – which means more time off for children. If you have a small budget to work with, these times can become truly frustrating but it is important to remember that children are generally easily amused. You don’t need to take them for lunch every day or down to your local bowling alley to keep them entertained. There are many cost free ways to keep children occupied; while still ensuring they have a great time during their break.



Children love to bake (and to lick the spoon!) and this is a cheap way to keep them amused for the day. It is also a good way for children to learn and you can pick up recipes online. This is fun, easy and enjoyable – especially on a rainy day!

What child doesn’t love to watch movies and you can make it exciting by setting your living area up like a cinema. Get the snacks out, duvets, cushions and have a movie day with your children – they will love it.



Why not get the paints out and sit down with your child to enjoy this activity during their holidays. Children love to paint and even more so if they have your full attention and encouragement at the same time. This activity is pretty much cost free, but highly enjoyable for children.


Go to the park

If the weather is nice, you might want to take your children to the local park to enjoy the fresh air and have some fun. You may even want to take a little picnic with you. Children love nothing more than playing on the swings and chutes, so consider this cost free option; before you over spend on other activities.



Most libraries cater for children over the holidays and if you take a look, you will be likely to find a range of activities for them to enjoy – including book reading and puppet shows. If not, you can still have fun by letting them have a look around and picking up their favourite books to read. Most children love reading; so this is not just educational – but lots of fun too!


Have a party

Why not combine your own fun with your children by hosting a party? You don’t need to spend much on this; a few snacks and some music will be more than enough to keep the children amused. You can also invite their mum or dad over to keep you company while the children play.


Play games

Children love anything to do with games and you can easily fill out an entire day with different games for them to enjoy. You might want to dig out the board games, organise a treasure hunt or have a go at hide and seek. These are just a few options, but there are many others and you can get lots of ideas by searching online. Not only good fun, but also cost free!


Pound shop

Children don’t have any concept of the value of money, so if you give them a few pounds to spend in the pound shop, they will be more than happy. This gives them the chance to find something they like and they’ll be keen to get back home to play with their new toys. It might be a good time for you to grab 5 or 10 minutes of peace – you never know!


Visit the pet store

As long as you make it clear that you won’t be coming home with a pet, this is a great cost-free idea for keeping your children amused during one of their days off. Everyone loves to visit the pet store as a child and they will love doing this and you might too!


Write a story

Children love to read and this is a great way to get them involved in a story. You can take turns to write a sentence each, so that a full story is eventually developed. They can let their imagination run wild and it is a really good way for them to learn too.