FCA Plans To Help Customers With Credit Card Debt

22nd April 2017

FCA plans to help customers with credit card debt Consumers with credit card debt could benefit from greater help with their debt, if plans by the Financial Conduct Authority go ahead as planned. The FCA have put a proposal in place to ensure credit card companies are offering more help for those who have paid […]

6 Ways To Make Money Quickly

9th April 2017

6 ways to make money quickly An unexpected bill has arrived or you completely forgot your rent is due and you have no cash left in your account. Sound familiar? This could be a complete disaster, but before you start panicking, there are things you can do to get cash quickly, so all is definitely […]

How To Get Your Finances In Order Through A Savings Plan

6th April 2017

How to get your finances in order through a savings plan If your current financial situation is far from perfect, it might be time to start a savings plan. There are many reasons why you might want to save. A financial nest egg can be useful when unexpected bills arise, such as car repairs and […]

6 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

17th February 2017

6 ways to improve your credit score Your credit score is used when lenders decide on whether or not to accept an application for credit. If your credit score is low, it can affect your ability to get a mortgage, take out loans or credit cards. It may not be something that affects you imminently, […]

Alternative Finance Options – Remortgaging

19th December 2016

Many people have experienced a time in their life where they have needed to turn to an additional form of finance, whether this is to make a one time purchase such as a car or simply to help guide you through from paycheck to paycheck. Finding additional methods of finance can be a very time […]

Need Help To Build Your Credit Score?

1st December 2016

How to improve your credit score A negative credit rating can really affect your chances of borrowing money whether you’re applying for credit cards, loans or mortgages. If your credit rating doesn’t have strength behind it then you will struggle to get accepted in any type of finance but luckily there are a fair amount […]

Pension Scheme or Property Investment? Which is the best plan for retirement?

12th October 2016

Company pension schemes used to be the backbone of every large organisation and was seen as a major driving force to attract the best talent and more employees. Company pensions were made up of your monthly contributions and were usually strengthened by your employer adding a small contribution into the pot. Your pension contributions were taken […]

A Comprehensive Guide for First Time Borrowing:

26th September 2016

It can be quite a daunting task when applying for a Payday Loan, with many different lenders promising different deals on interest rates, borrowing terms and repayment dates. We have come up with a number of points that first time borrowers need to look out for when making a decision on which lender to apply […]

A guide to Debt Management Plans

11th August 2016

If you are consistently using payday loans or other forms of alternative finance to help you pay off existing debt, credit card bills or loan repayments on a monthly basis then a debt management plan may be a suitable option for you. Debt management plans (DMP’s) help people who have built up a considerable amount […]

How to Improve your Credit Rating

19th July 2016

Your credit score is what helps lenders come to a decision on what offer to put on the table for you. If you want the best loan, mortgage, credit card or even phone contract then having a high credit score is something you’ll need. Why does a bad credit rating go against you? A bad […]