Back to University – Student Payday Loans

19th September 2016

September marks the start of the university term for many UK students.  A number of them will return from a full summer of working hard in order to come back to university with as much personal savings as possible as a financial cushion to help them throughout the year. The majority of UK students will […]

A guide to Debt Management Plans

11th August 2016

If you are consistently using payday loans or other forms of alternative finance to help you pay off existing debt, credit card bills or loan repayments on a monthly basis then a debt management plan may be a suitable option for you. Debt management plans (DMP’s) help people who have built up a considerable amount […]

How to Improve your Credit Rating

19th July 2016

Your credit score is what helps lenders come to a decision on what offer to put on the table for you. If you want the best loan, mortgage, credit card or even phone contract then having a high credit score is something you’ll need. Why does a bad credit rating go against you? A bad […]

Payday Pixie Loans Made Simple

7th April 2016

Understanding how payday pixie loans work Here at Payday Pixie we want to make applying for a loan as easy as possible, we simply just don’t believe in over complicating things. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with your money, there is just too much month after your payday which is why you guys […]

Cut the cost of your weekly food bill

5th April 2016

Save money on your weekly food bill Have you ever gone into a supermarket for a few daily essentials and ended up coming out with a load of things that you had absolutely no intention of buying?… We’ve all been there. Supermarkets are experts at up selling, they somehow get right into our mind and […]

The Benefits of an Overdraft

7th March 2016

The benefits of an Overdraft compared to Payday Loans An Overdraft, in effect is a credit agreement with yourself and your bank/building society which allows you to spend more money than you actually have in order to cover short term finances. Overdrafts have recently become a popular choice for many individuals who have a lower […]

Am I Eligible for a Payday Loan?

4th March 2016

When applying for a payday loan there are things that must be taken into consideration before agreeing to take out any sort of finance. The payday loans industry is a very highly regulated industry which means that applicants need to go through a rigorous application process to ensure that they are eligible to be accepted for any sort […]