Is Your Debt Statute Barred? The Key Considerations

18th October 2019

We’ve seen the UK’s levels of unsecured debt rise exponentially in recent times, and there are various factors that have contributed to this. Perhaps the most important is an underlying lack of financial literacy and understanding, which make it difficult for citizens to understand the different types of credit available and the impact of failing […]

Going Bankrupt – The Things You Need to Know

If you’re struggling with insurmountable debts in the UK, you should know that you’re not alone in the current climate. This is why a growing number of people are taking the drastic measure of declaring themselves bankrupt as a way of dealing with their insolvency. Whilst this is not the right solution for everyone, in […]

What is the Average Credit Score in the UK? 

17th October 2019

Whilst there’s always a tremendous focus on the rising levels of unsecured debt in the UK, the most recent data released by Experian suggests that Brits are gradually improving their credit scores nationwide. More specifically, the UK’s average credit score was 767 at the end of 2018, with this representing an improvement of 10 points […]

The Electoral Register and your Credit Score – What you Need to Know

Given the chasm that currently exists between the rate of inflation and real wage growth in the UK, it’s little wonder that households nationwide continue to struggle with the ugly spectre of debt. As of July 2019, The Money Charity estimated the average household debt in the UK at a staggering £59,319, with credit card […]

How Long Should I Keep My Bills for?

16th October 2019

Let’s face facts; life is busy enough without finding the time to collate, organize and store your bills in an orderly fashion. This is why your monthly and annual bills are often strewn all over the hours, from your latest gas bill to a Council Tax statement that dates back to a previous address! Whilst […]

How Do I Improve My Credit Rating?

8th October 2019

Whilst the UK may be struggling with record levels of credit card and bank loan debt, this issue is largely underpinned by a lack of financial literacy and understanding than a desire to spend recklessly. This creates a window of opportunity for those struggling to repay their debts, so long as they commit to developing […]

For How Long Will a Debt Management Plan Affect your Credit Rating?

It’s hardly controversial to suggest that the UK has a problem with unsecured debt, especially in the form of credit cards and loans. On average, it’s estimated that the average UK household owes £15,385 to credit card firms and other unsecured lenders, with many struggling to make regular repayments or eat into the significant rates […]

Bills, Bills, Bills – A Guide to Staying in the Black

It’s little wonder that households in the UK are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources such as solar power, and not only because of the environmental benefits of this practice. After all, this also delivers long-term financial benefits, especially when you consider that more than half of all British households saw an increase in the […]

Homeless Statistics in the UK

4th July 2018

Our team is extremely dedicated to helping people in need of urgent financial assistance. It’s often a stigma in the United Kingdom, but we believe that we can help. We believe that by providing great information on personal finance, homelessness can be reduced. There are many reasons for somebody to lose their home and we […]

Planning Your Finances For Study

13th June 2018

Taking a college course or university degree can be a rewarding and fulfilling adventure, but it’s not without costs. On top of tuition fees, you also need money for your living costs and, with the work involved in study, it can be difficult to find the time to work enough to make ends meet. With […]