The Five Golden Rules of Getting a Loan

31st October 2019

Loan options vary from one provider to another and you need to know the loan type that will meet your needs. It is also wise to interact with different loan lenders before you can pick a loan type that will meet your needs. In essence, you have to hold a few golden rules of getting […]

A guide on how to borrow money

30th October 2019

Today, a large number of people become dependent on loans. There are those times, when the money is not enough to cover your expenses, especially if they are unexpected, so you start searching for different ways to borrow money. Of course, you can just ask friends and family, or if you are embarrassed that you […]

How much can I claim for expenses when self-employed

29th October 2019

Many people dream of becoming self employed, being their own boss and being in charge of their day to day working life. Being self employed also gives you more responsibility when it comes to keeping your tax affairs in order. One of the many benefits of being self employed is that you can use the […]

How much are bills per month in the UK?

As an adult, you have responsibilities, most of which are bills that you have to pay. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still a student or an employed person, you have to pay the bills every month. Types of Monthly bills This means you have to know the types of bills which include: Energy bill: this […]

Understanding Your Credit Score

28th October 2019

How to Easily Understand Your Credit Score It is quite unfortunate that some people do not understand the importance of having a good credit score. Credit scores can affect many things while managing your financial life. If you are still unaware of the significance of credit scores, don’t worry. This post explains everything you should […]

A simple Guide to Understanding How Defaults Affect Your Credit Report

How does having one or multiple defaults affect your credit report? Does dropping one default lead to a rise in your credit score? Continue reading the post and learn how defaults affect your credit score and much more. How Does Changing Circumstances Lead to Defaults? There is no doubt that missing a payment can cause […]

Debt Sold to Another Company: Do I Have to Pay?

The right to collect on a debt can change hands more often than you think. Your original creditor has the option to assign your debt to a debt collection agency, or outright sell it to a debt purchaser. Selling debts to a debt buyer or assigning it to a debt collection agency works for creditors […]

Who Deals with the Debts of the Deceased?

19th October 2019

The death of a loved one is difficult enough at the best of times, but it’s fair to say that this scenario can be made harder by the spectre of debt. After all, in instances where people die and leave debt, creditors have numerous ways through which they can recoup their money. The way in […]

What is an Undischarged Bankrupt?

The concept of insolvency is an incredibly unpleasant one, whilst it’s also a little more commonplace than you may think. A total of 115,299 people became insolvent last year, with this number representing one in 401 adults in the UK. Of this number, 14.4% entered bankruptcy, with the amount of people pursuing this course of […]

What Happens to your Credit Score When a Default is Removed?

18th October 2019

There’s no doubt that debt continues to rise in the UK, with the cumulative sum of £1.6 trillion owed by people as of June 2018. This figure had increased from £1.55 trillion during the previous year, with unsecured debt pertaining to credit cards and loans continuing to increase incrementally in a challenging economic climate. With […]