5 Of The Best Money Advice Sites

Taking control of your finances can be hard; many of us didn’t learn financial prudence from our parents or at school, so we’re stuck with what we have. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of information out there on how to improve your relationship with money and, thanks to the internet, it’s right at our fingertips.

However, with so many sites out there, it can be difficult to know where to look first. A search online will bring up thousands of results, with varying degrees of quality. We take a look at the top 5 money advice sites so that you can get the advice you need without trawling through hundreds of sites first.


Money Magpie

Money Magpie is a clear, well-laid-out site that’s easy to navigate and has some excellent advice. It’s broadly broken up into categories that make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Unlike many other sites, one of the main categories is Make Money; the site gives you some great ideas for side hustles or money-making activities that can help you to top up your current income. They also have advice on saving money, managing your finances, clearing out your clutter and more.

The advice is easy to follow and delivered in a friendly way, so you’re sure to pick up lots of tips.


Travel Supermarket

While not strictly a money advice site, Travel Supermarket is a subsidiary of the popular Money Supermarket site. A price comparison site for holidays and travel, it clearly lays out your choices of package holidays, flights, hotels, car hire, insurance and travel extras.

If you’re looking to manage your finances but you also want to enjoy that summer or winter getaway, Travel Supermarket is an excellent way to find bargains, whether you’re looking for the full package or want to create your own ideal vacation.


Money Supermarket

Money Supermarket is the granddaddy of price comparison sites; it’s been around for a long time and has set the pace for many others that followed. While its main aim is to allow you to compare prices, it also has an excellent advice section with such tips as managing your finances, cutting bills, growing money and downsizing debts.

They also have some very useful tools and calculators, like a cost of moving calculator and a savings decision tree. On top of all that, you have their bread and butter; they compare prices from providers from insurance, broadband and phones, energy and more.


Money Saving Expert

Founded by popular finance guru Martin Lewis, and now part of the Money Supermarket group, Money Saving Expert is still a fantastic advice site in its own right.

It has information on reclaiming PPI, getting better deals on utilities and phones, latest deals and vouchers and an array of tools and calculators that allow you to check loan, credit card and mortgage eligibility and a whole lot more.

The bulk of the site is made up of member forums which mean you’re not just getting advice from the editors, but also your peers too. This is an ideal way to get information on how people have gotten out of difficulty or dealt with financial problems.


My Supermarket

Again, this isn’t strictly an advice site, although being able to compare prices across 15 supermarkets is an excellent way of making sure you aren’t overspending on important household items and food shopping.

With a clear interface and a number of tools, including the option to import favourites from online supermarket sites, create shopping lists and book delivery direct from the site, My Supermarket’s main draw is that it lets you fill up your basket then compares the overall price against 15 retailers.

If you can get the contents cheaper elsewhere, you can switch with just one click. As supermarket retailers battle with each other through price reductions and discounts, this is an ideal and simple way to shop around without hassle.

Whichever of these sites you use, or if you use any others, it’s worth taking advantage of the help and advice that’s out there. Putting this advice into practice could mean the difference between running short each month or enjoying watching your savings grow for the future. It definitely pays to look around!